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Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles is kind of art which is typically Moroccan. It relies on the first place, on burnt soil that is colored. It is of paramount importance in the architecture of palaces and monuments
Moroccan tiles is in the first place an artistic product of a modest origine and arranged by the great ability of the maalem. In fact, it has to do with little squares of 10 x 10 cm made of burnt soil and covered with dye (colorings). These squares are manually sized using heavy hammers( MENQACH).
Which are totally in contrast with the soft object obtained. As a second step, these pieces compose a motif which is in total harmony with the traditional traced regulations of the Islamic arts.
A mosaic…? Surely not, but outstanding little ornaments well placed together taking into consideration the diversity of their size and color.
It is an extremely beautiful and incredible piece of art on the wall that it covers or the gate that decorates. In addition to the palaces and houses it haunts.
In fact, all that the maalem of moroccan tiles needs is: gypsum, hands and feet, sun, a piece of wood, Oven (traditional), mineral colorings, a big hammer and o lot of personal knowledge and ability to perform the task.
Moroccan tiles is typically artisan’s work which is impossible to fulfill wing machines because the combination of its simple ornaments provides a variety of endless (infinite) of drawings and shapes.
On the basis of a whole drawing, the maalem of moroccan tiles, so as to perform the task, deals with about 300 models, thanks to the arrangement of the colors and shapes of the whole motif.
This task of moroccan tiles is necessarily done is group works in which every member is specialized in tracing, splitting (cutting) and of course gathering …. Etc.